Elle Macpherson on launching her new lingerie collection

Elle Macpherson is a woman on a mission. Recently jetting into Auckland to launch her new lingerie collection, Elle Macpherson Body, the former model turned entrepreneur is passionate about designing bras that make women feel good. Portia Campbell spoke with the superstar about her new venture.


N. Congratulations on the launch of the new Elle Macpherson Body collection. Tell us how the business came to be.

After many years of licensing, I felt it was time for me to build my own business. I wanted to put everything I had learnt into practice, I didn’t want to look back wishing I’d done things differently. I’ve always been passionate about lingerie – since I was 13 and my mum bought me my first matching bra and knickers set – I had to stuff it with Kleenex to make it fit.


N. Do you have a favourite item in the Elle Macpherson Body collection and if yes, why that particular piece?

At the heart of the collection is Body, a selection of modern sport inspired T-shirt bras and knickers in microfibre and air-tech mesh, which I love as there are a great variety of styles that fit many different body types. We have 6 different profiles of T-shirt bras and 6 sytles of knickers in the T-shirt collection. The rest of the range comprises of sexy, lacy and sporty bras for all occasions. My absolute favourite is the bodysuit, which is such a cool new silhouette and goes from day to night; jeans to a suit; its versatile, beautiful and comfortable. The colours are the antithesis of traditional lingerie, bold and yet subtle enough to wear under a white t-shirt.


N. Have you designed the range with a particular woman in mind? Who is she?

I created the collection, not only with my teenage step daughters or myself in mind, but everyone in between. Back detail is as important to me as the front (perhaps even more) and I wanted to create clean, sexy lines that enhance the body. A good bra can change your silhouette and appearance and it’s the foundation for my clothing. And of course great fit is so important. I believe true luxury is comfort and style.


N. The Elle Macpherson Body collection will be stocked in Farmers here in New Zealand. How did the relationship come about?

I’ve always had a fabulous relationship with Farmers and really appreciate them supporting the launch of Elle Macpherson Body. Being in New Zealand I love seeing Farmers shop windows filled with new styles from Elle Macpherson Body. Thank you!


N. It’s 10am on a Sunday morning. Where would we find you and what are you doing? Sunday’s are my favourite day because the family are often all together.

We all love sports so will do our individual routines or sometimes sports together in the mornings – swimming laps, paddle board, hiking or biking. If we are travelling, we are usually watching one of the kids play sports – ice hockey, lacrosse, field hockey.


N. Tell us a bit about the design process. Where do you draw inspiration from?

I love art and architecture and find design inspiring. Clean lines and quality detailing interests me. I am very influenced by runway fashion, colours silhouette and details, when I design. Life interests me and all the people I meet along the way. I get to work with some great creative teams who share my vision and passion. I love the business world and am very stimulated working with great entrepreneurs like my partners in Elle Macpherson Body – Simon de Winter and Solomon Lew.


N. If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Don’t sweat the small stuff and wear sunblock!!


N. How has blogging and social media changed the way that you work?

I value being able to communicate directly and honestly with my tribe – social media makes this possible.


N.How much of New Zealand have you seen? Do you have a favourite place here?

I appreciate the openness of the NZ people and would love to spend more time there. I have great friends in Taupo so that is one of my desired places to visit. Like Australia, New Zealand has such a fresh uncontrived lifestyle that I have really tried to reflect in my brand.


N. If someone asked you for help when buying lingerie for their partner, what advice would you give them?

First of all, check her size, sneak into her lingerie drawer and check what type of bra she likes – padded, non padded, triangle cup, underwire – then make sure you look at the colour palette. I also think its important you choose something you love as well.


N. Do you find that Australian and New Zealand women have different tastes in lingerie compared to other parts of the world? If so, in what way?

Australian and New Zealand women seem to prefer softer more natural shape than Americans for example. But overall, women globally are loving the new sexy sporty DNA of Elle Macpherson Body.


N. A few years ago you launched WelleCo, a wellness company that specializes in health supplements. What was the motivation behind this?

At WelleCo we are aiming to create the world’s premium wellness company. A one-stop-shop to help make your everyday life better. We already have organic whole food supplements. I take my super greens THE SUPER ELIXIR everyday (available at Welleco.com) and it has changed my life! We are about to launch a kid’s protein supplement and plans are underway for everyday essentials like a healthy deodorant, toothpaste, moisturising cream, body scrub and body wash.


Elle Macpherson Body is stocked exclusively at Farmers.

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