EATERY (noun) a place where people go to eat

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Tucked away in the cobbled pavement's of Newmarket's side streets, you'll find a trove of Auckland's most popular food and coffee spots.  Whether it's caffeine, burgers or bagels that you're after, you'll find a few of our favourites in Osborne Lane.


Best Ugly Bagels

Nestled in Osborne Lane, Best Ugly Bagels serves exactly that - the best bagels!  Hand rolled and wood fired, with a selection of sweet and savoury topping options, they are the perfect grab and go comfort food (although if you do dine in, sit outside and enjoy the fire).  We highly recommend the Boss Hog - bacon, rocket sauce, cheese and egg.

3A York Street




Burger Burger

If you haven't been to Burger Burger, have you even been to Auckland?  Home to arguably Auckland's best burgers, the popular eatery has been an icon of happy tummies in Newmarket.  It's ideal for that midweek team lunch or burger before the movies.  We can't go past their potato skins!

3B York Street



The Candy Shop

The newest addition to Newmarket's ever-growing eatery stable, The Candy Shop is the brainchild of three friends and the teams behind Major Sprout and Simon & Lee.  A modern take on Kiwi food with a Korean twist, the eatery is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is already featuring regularly on social media feeds.  With a $12 pasta happy hour during the week, the all day eatery's success is set to continue.

2-8 Osborne Lane