Come on in to Newmarket and see what entertainment options are on offer. Nightlife, day life, leisure or recreation, it’s all covered here. Looking after overseas visitors, entertaining a business associate, or just trying to find a great night out amongst friends? With theatre, film, art galleries, recreational activities, fine food and delectable drinks, you’ll find it all right here in the place to be – Newmarket.

There’s a reason why Newmarket has its reputation as Auckland’s most fashionable district, and the excellent shopping areas and retail outlets, the world class fine dining and boutique bars all make up the mainstay, but the pulsing heart, the buzz of the town, lies in its multitudinous entertainment and leisure activities.

Newmarket has been a hub of Auckland for more than a century, bustling with new innovative and well established businesses and industries. This is a vibrant hustle of people living and loving, and where there’s life, there’s fun to be had. Take a stroll along Newmarket on a Saturday night and see for yourself.

With the finest art galleries and museums, displaying local and overseas histories and exhibitions. Go to the gym for that essential warm up/workout. Or find some me time at any of the top quality leisure and recreational facilities. Or just take it easy, go bowling, check out a movie in one of our cinemas.  You won’t be bored again with all the entertainment here in Newmarket.

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