Dine With Us; Newmarket's cosiest meal spots.

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Don’t let the cold weather trap you at home. A heart-warming meal and a deep glass of red wine can save you from your winter blues. Explore Newmarket eateries that serve both cuisine and comfort.

Where good food and good drinks collide to create the perfect culinary experience. One step inside Khao San Eatery and you’ll be immersed in a cultural experience with sprawling murals, colourful decor and a neon-lit space to replicate the bustling fun of Thai nightlife. Tucked away on Davis Crescent, this hot spot adds a modern twist to traditional Thai food. Experience the unmatched flavour of slow-cooked lamb shanks immersed in a rich massaman curry, or revel in the crunchy perfection of stir-fried pork with chilli, basil, and fresh vegetables. The menu not only features delicious Thai favourites but uniquely crafted cocktails that perfectly complement their menu, ensuring every sip is as enjoyable as every bite. With its modern flare and mouth-watering menu, it’s hard to pass up this flavour haven.

61 Davis Crescent

Where sophistication and cosiness collide to create a rooftop sanctuary that is, New York Grill. This New York-inspired steakhouse is the place to go if you’re searching for a perfectly cooked meal in a beautiful setting. Its dim lighting and luxe leather interior effortlessly encapsulates a New York atmosphere that allows us to escape from reality for a moment in time. Whether you’re seated outside, at the bar, or in one of their cosy booths, you’ll find relaxation in this well-polished space. Steaks are their speciality offering, serving only the best cuts, both prime and juicy, cooked exactly to your liking. This vibrant restaurant is also a popular spot for seafood lovers.

Not everywhere can deliver freshly shucked oysters right to your table, but New York Grill never lets us down. After your meal, we recommend indulging in their dessert cocktail, a tiramisu martini. A beautifully crafted dessert and cocktail all in one, the perfect nightcap on a winter's night. 

277 Broadway

It would be remiss of us to speak of Newmarket’s food scene without mentioning Archie’s Pizzeria. This beloved institution isn’t just a local favourite, but an Auckland icon. Here you’ll find hand-rolled wood-fired pizzas charred to perfection all resulting in a delicious woodfired taste. We can’t go past the classic margherita pizza, a timeless tribute to Italian tradition featuring plump tomatoes and creamy mozzarella topped with basil on the perfect golden crust. Not to worry pasta lovers, Archie’s Pizzeria also has you completely covered. Their fettuccine pollo is a crowd favourite and there’s no wonder why. Its creamy base and mushroom flavours are just one of the many reasons its customers return time and time again. A visit to Archie’s Pizzeria embodies a taste of Italy through their incredible cuisine, but the homely environment and the staff's spirited manner will instantly cure any winter blues. 

63 Davis Crescent

Influenced by the back-street tapa bars of Spain, Tasca lives up to its flavoursome, lively and authentic inspiration. This cosy hideaway is an oasis of its own. Tucked down tree-lined Nuffield Street, step away from the chaos and enjoy a taste of Spanish flare. If you try one thing, let it be their famous paella. Made with traditional saffron rice topped with an array of seafood, chorizo and succulent chicken. To finish it off, aioli and lemon are drizzled on top for a creamy and tangy touch. If you time it just right you might be lucky enough to have live performers whisk you away to the streets of Spain, just long enough for you to order another round of sangrias. Tasca’s relaxed ambience makes for the perfect location for date night, catching up with friends or a great place to hide away with your favourite book for a few hours. 

25 Nuffield Street

What’s more comforting than a big bowl of steaming hot noodles? If there’s one restaurant renowned for serving up soul-warming food, it’s Ajisen Ramen, and their 800 worldwide restaurants can attest to that fact. Whether you’re seeking warmth on a cold night or a nostalgic taste of Japan, Ajisen Ramen delivers. Skillfully crafting fresh noodles in store, watch as the chefs knead, roll, pull and cut the dough forming the most impeccable noodles, perfect for their signature broths.

The very popular tan tan ramen always reigns supreme with savoury minced pork, sesame, and fiery chilli, crowned with a velvety soft-boiled egg, this dish is a flavour explosion that never fails to impress. From cult favourites to innovative creations, there is something for everyone. Each bowl offers a moment of solace and invites all who visit the opportunity to enjoy true Japanese soul food. 

5/7 Kingdon Street

There’s nothing that hits the spot quite like a bowl of pasta on a rainy day. Pastarita is Newmarket’s only Halal Italian restaurant which offers fresh pastas, salads and the most delicious bruschetta that we just can’t seem to go past. They certainly don’t hold back on portion sizes so you'll never leave hungry. A crowd favourite has to be the chicken parmesan. There’s something about tender chicken in a tangy tomato sauce topped with just the right amount of melted cheese that makes our taste buds flip. Do make sure to save room for dessert, their tiramisu or affogato is the perfect way to finish off a meal. With seats available by the window, it’s the perfect spot to unwind and watch the world go by all while staying warm and well-fed. 

277 Broadway

All aboard! Next stop – V.T. Station. This railway-themed eatery serves up authentic Indian cuisine and hand-crafted cocktails, creating the perfect night out. One step inside this restaurant and you’ll instantly be transported on a journey across India, tasting different spices and flavours along the way. From meals cooked on a tandoori grill to curries slow-cooked overnight on a charcoal fire, your heart, soul and taste buds will be satisfied beyond comprehension.

Their impeccably crafted menu boasts authenticity that’s simply irresistible. But the food isn’t the only thing that keeps us wanting more, their curated cocktail selection is always a highlight. From classics you’ll love to quirky combinations, you have to test them out. Offering punchy flavours with every meal V.T. Station sure knows how to serve up an offering you can’t get anywhere else. 

73 Davis Crescent

If you're a Katsu connoisseur you'll be well aware of this restaurant. After only seven months in the precinct, Katsu Katsu has swiftly established itself as a beloved favourite winning over all who visit. With its commitment to excellence and dedication to authentic flavours, disappointment simply isn’t on the menu. Renowned for their tonkatsu sets, Katsu Katsu have mastered the art of this Japanese delicacy. Whether you order the succulent pork, tender chicken or fresh prawn option, prepare to be greeted by the thickest, juiciest Katsu cutlets imaginable.

Each piece is coated and fried to golden perfection to order, ensuring your meal is as fresh as can be. If that wasn’t convincing enough, each set includes fluffy rice, crisp cabbage slaw, miso soup and an assortment of Japanese sauces, guaranteeing that you’ll leave feeling more than satisfied. And let’s be real, no Japanese dining experience would be complete without a great selection of sake, adding a touch of authenticity and memories from your last visit to the karaoke bar. 

483 Khyber Pass Road

There is so much to love about authentic Italian cuisine and it’s just our luck that Nuffield Street houses Arte Della Pasta, our very own Italian treasure. Featuring recipes that have been passed down through generations, you know that with every spoonful you’ll taste years of refined perfection.

Satisfying all our Italian desires this eatery has been hailing customers from all over Auckland since 2022. Serving up artisanal pasta, all made freshly in store, it’s no wonder Arte Della Pasta has earned its reputation as a gastronomic treasure. Our guilty pleasure is their gnocchi with beef ragù and burrata – individually made into the fluffiest pillows. These soft delights melt in your mouth before you even have the chance to complement the chef. Paired perfectly with velvety tomato flavours and soft succulent beef – our mouths are watering already. Now a licensed venue, you can sip away on a glass of wine while enjoying your favourite pasta. Arte Della Pasta is homely Italian food at its best and we can’t get enough of it. 

21/1 Remuera Road

Pearl Garden and Yum Cha, two words synonymous with comfort meals and cosy afternoons. This authentic family-run spot has been serving the Auckland community for over 40 years – it's easy to see why it remains so popular. With a vision to introduce Chinese cuisine to Newmarket, Pearl Garden started serving dumplings and wok-inspired specialities passed down from generations before. The foundations of traditional techniques are still carried out in the restaurant today following a simple philosophy of good wholesome food using the freshest ingredients. It’s hard to beat their prawn dumplings and we promise, if you aren’t a prawn lover these will be sure to change your mind. If you're after a warm meal that will also fill your soul, you're in the right place. Pearl Garden doesn’t just serve up delicious meals, the atmosphere is filled with families sharing a meal, children laughing and the quiet buzz of continuous chatter which all come together in perfect harmony.

1 Teed Street

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