A Day In the Life of the team from OCTO Coffee

Feb 05 2018

A Day In the Life of the team from OCTO Coffee

OCTO Coffee is a specialty coffee and food concept with two stores in Newmarket.  Co-owned by husband and wife team Albert and Samantha, and Goff and June, the cafe-cum-eatery pops up inside designer stores and serves high quality, directly traded speciality coffee and home-made food.  Goff takes us through a typical 24 hours in the business.



Samantha is half-asleep, having been up in the night with her daughter.  She gets ready and drives to OCTO inside Mini Garage to start the day in the kitchen, baking and preparing food for both OCTO eateries.



Samantha heads out and delivers the freshly made fare to OCTO Città, just down the road.  Albert is at home preparing for their daughter to go to daycare, or to her grandparents for the day, before heading into OCTO Città for a morning shift before other staff members arrive.  He makes sure that the coffee shots are running well, making himself a pour-over filter if time allows.


Back in the kitchen, Samantha prepares breakfast and more baked goods for the cabinets.  Having spent the early part of the morning with loyal customers, Albert heads to his second job – working as an architectural designer at Formis, a Parnell based architectural firm.



After a busy morning and then finishing the lunch rush, Samantha prepares for tomorrow, ordering supplies to be delivered in the morning.  Albert goes through his texts which have come from OCTO Città staff with their stock list for the next day.  He sends the stock order to Goff and goes back to work.


Samantha finishes for the day, delivering more stock and picking up a few things from OCTO Città to take to Bloc Cafe.  Goff and June order more supplies, whilst also working in their own cafe in Mt Eden.  Samantha pricks up her daughter from daycare.



Goff and June complete their day and head home to see their kids.



Albert heads home from his architecural role and spends time with Samantha and their daughter before sorting out some admin for OCTO.



Both families finish the day with household chores and chasing after their kids.



FREE TIME!  Both couples are very tired and head to bed, ready to begin again tomorrow.



8 Morrow Street, Newmarket



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