A Day in the Life of Eddy Chae from L’affare Melrose

Amidst the buzz of Newmarket’s busy L’affare Melrose, Eddy is the man satisfying customers caffeine cravings. We found out what a typical day involves for the coffee connoisseur…

Off to work, listening to my favourite radio show ZM. They always have the most interesting stories.

I start my shift at L’affare in Newmarket’s Melrose Street. I focus on getting our coffee top-notch every day. The team gets the first round before we open at 7am. The opening checklist is done! We are good to go.

7– 8.30am
Open the doors. I take time to enjoy breakfast made by our awesome chefs. I always aim to eat healthy but that never happens.


During this time is when all the action in the café is happening. I will mostly be behind the coffee machine pumping out the best of our blends.

Starting to wind down now… getting ready to close down for the day.

Why Coffee?
I love making coffee. This is what drives me to get up at 5:30am every morning. I’m passionate about presenting a product which will fill the needs of our customers so they will return to L’affare as regulars. My aim as a Barista is to give the best coffee experience to everyone and to create a strong coffee culture within our team.


After Work
The good thing about working in cafes is the early starts….this means early finishes! After work I try to pop in to the gym for a quick blast of exercise for at least an hour. By the time I have finished my workout, my mates would have finished work for the day. I either catch up with them over dinner or just head straight home to rest up.

I don’t really have a set bedtime. I try to sleep whenever I’m sleepy. I do try to stay away from Instagram at night but that is almost impossible!


L’affare Melrose
22 Melrose Street

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