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A Day in the Life of People Like Us’ Rachael & Fleur

I always start my day with a glass of water with collagen and have a quick scroll through Instagram for inspiration before the kids get out of bed.
FLEUR: I wake up and roll through the shower, I cannot function without this first step! Then feed two cats, one dog and three hungry teenagers before they head to school.

Kids are dispatched and I have time to read emails and review my day with caffeine.
F: A large and strong coffee to trawl through emails and set up my day. I listen to talk back news all the way to work to keep up with what is happening in the world.

R & F:
We both arrive at our Newmarket store, which is also our P.L.U head office. Most days we receive new stock so it’s always exciting to see what we have purchased three months prior in the flesh. We work with our Head of Retail, Morgan, to remerchandise the store.

R & F:
Grab a quick bite to eat from &Sushi – it’s always super fresh!

R & F:
Our buying has changed dramatically since COVID, no more trips to Australia to meet with our labels! We have a zoom meeting with the team at P.E Nation, one of our best- selling brands.

R & F.
We meet with our Digital Manager to discuss all things social media and e–commerce! We communicate with our client base via social media and email regularly, so it is crucial that we keep our content fresh and our message is always on brand.

5PM R. I love HIIT Pilates classes at Sweat Yoga on Morgan Street. It is an incredible way to relieve stress and a great way to road test our new arrivals!

A glass of red in hand while I cook dinner and catch up on my kid’s days.
F: I love to cook, and dinner is always a sit-down affair, a great time to regroup as a family!

R :
Time for bed!
F : I scrape my face off and use my favourite sheet mask by The Unnamed. There is no down time before my head hits the pillow.

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