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Newmarket has won itself a reputation of being the most fashionable area in Auckland for a good reason. In this trendy borough, all manner of health pursuits are to be found. Whether you’re hitting the gym or treating yourself to a rejuvenating spa visit, shopping for special cosmetics or looking for the latest style, finding the healthy eating options or right dietary requirements for home cooking in one of our organic groceries. You’ll have everything you need for your health and beauty, right here in Newmarket.

Newmarket has an extensive history of innovation and more recently retail and recreation. While the heavier industries have moved away from the area, the springs that they used still flow. Waters running through the natural filter of Mt. Eden stream from natural aquifers all along the Khyber Pass Road. Many of the local businesses, right here in Newmarket, still take advantage of this bountiful natural resource for now more contemporary, cosmopolitan purposes.

With a New Zealand college, dedicated to training in beauty therapies and the beneficial use of modern health products, in the heart of Newmarket, you can be assured that you are in the right place. So go and get the blood flowing at the gym, relax with a fairtrade coffee in an organic bistro, treat yourself to heavenly day spa, shop for the perfect product and find just the right hair salon to suit your style. Be healthy, be beautiful, be yourself. Come to Newmarket and enjoy it all.

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