Sweat Yoga

Come and visit our purpose built studio space, where the yoga we practice is hot!  Whether you are brand new to yoga or a dedicated practitioner, our teachers are here to support you on your yoga journey.

We practice a Hatha style of yoga, traditionally known as Bikram, along with Power Vinyasa.  Both of these styles are, in their own unique ways, designed to help you achieve functional strength, cardiovascular fitness and a calm, focused mind.  Both practices benefit greatly from being practiced in a heated room.  Yes, you will sweat!  If this is new for you, give yourself a chance to acclimatise and we trust you will grow to love it.
Complement your hot practice with our cooler (taught at room temperature) Yin classes. This is a slower paced, deeply meditative practice with deliciously long holds. Restorative, healing, nourishing…

We have designed our space with our community of busy yogis in mind – including bigger and better bathrooms to make your pre and post class time as smooth and stress free as possible.

Stop by for a chat or drop us a line, we want to get to know you and support you on your yoga journey as best we can.



12 Morgan Street


09-283 0659