Studio 3 Pilates * Barre * Yoga


Studio 3 is a boutique studio situated at the top of the Bupa Building in Kingdon Street Newmarket.
We specialise in the 3 disciplines of Pilates, Barre & Yoga to provide a complete fitness and wellbeing solution.
Pilates is the foundation, addressing the postural and core muscles that support your spine
Barre adds the challenge by fusing elements of ballet technique and Pilates to create a fun full body workout which includes a cardiovascular component, creating a long, lean muscle while improving posture, strength and flexibility.
Yoga Increases flexibility, detoxifies and de stresses, creating balance of the mind and body.
At Studio3 we are committed to motivate, inspire and coach with the highest level of experience and professionalism to ensure your fitness goals are achieved.
We are open 7 days for classes that range from early morning until evening.



L1, 5-7 Kingdon Street, Newmarket


09 522 3305

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