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Social Media Coaching is for you if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

  • Are you wasting your money & time on things that aren’t working?
  • Do you have assets sitting there that aren’t being used properly?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and confused at the information available to you?

A social media coach is an experienced, knowledgeable person in the field of social media who wants to help you grow and succeed online. The mail role of a social media coach is to educate you, the business owner, about what is working and not working on your current social media. This is for both the businesses who have hired an agency to do their social media and for those who are doing it internally.

A social media coach is able to help in a variety of ways. At social media coaching, I start by sitting down and talking to you, finding out what you know and what you have been doing so far. 
We talk about your concerns and queries about your social media and see how we can work together to improve your current social media strategy. 

Then I teach you anything you need or want to learn about social media and yes this does start as basic as learning what all the buttons mean on each platform and yes it can be as advanced as social media advertising. 

The trainings and programmes are fully customisable to meet your needs.

Business owners come to social media coaching when they feel they either aren’t getting a good return on investment on their current social media strategy or they are not sure where to starton social media. 

If you wantsocial media help, get in touch to see how social media coaching can help you.



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