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MINI Garage Auckland is New Zealand’s largest retailer of MINI. Offering a unique car buying experience we are recognised as one of the World’s most distinguished MINI Dealerships.
MINI Garage has been built from the ground up so we could configure a layout that would fit our various sales channels; vehicle sales, service, parts, accessories/lifestyle sales, and café. The business was designed to have these departments work seamlessly alongside each other and offer a distinctive ‘MINI’ experience.
First impressions are vital in the car industry, and it is essential to offer a unique ‘MINI’ environment as soon as a customer walks in through the door. This is something we proudly showcase as our point of difference from other car dealers in the area. The British themed café is important in not just offering food and drink but also creates a welcoming atmosphere which lends itself to a non-threatening sales environment. The wide use of colour, images and lighting effectively displays our product like no other car brand.
Something which helps grow our business is encouraging people to come in through the door. We have opened the doors to like-minded individuals and businesses to use our board room. Finally, the location of MINI Garage was important in physically positioning the business where we see ourselves in the retail marketplace (on the fringe of general retail and competitor car dealerships).



381 - 383 Broadway


0800 548 352

Business Hours:


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    • Wines & Spirits
    • Specialist
    • Restaurants
    • On the Go
    • Cafes
    • Bars
    • Bakeries & Catering
  • Entertainment

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