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Chow:Hill Architects specialises in Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design and Health Architecture. The collaborative nature of our company means we have the capability and capacity to respond to our client’s needs and explore design opportunities in a comprehensive and meaningful way. This collaborative design ethos came out of a natural progression from focusing purely on architectural design, to our integration of the above disciplines, and our increasing connection with a wider range of design professionals. With our clients we listen, we design, and we succeed together. Our vision and purpose are guided by our values: creativity, passion, integrity and agility. Through these, our people, culture and work is seen as distinctive and valued by our stakeholders. Now, and looking into the future, these are the critical and necessary ingredients for sustaining our business, for working in partnership with our clients, and for contributing purposefully for the well being of our wider community.



Level 3, 135 Broadway


09 522 6460

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