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The voice for Chinese in NZ since 1994, serving with intelligent, insightful and informative journalism, Chinese Herald is loved and trusted by our readers. Available at more than 100 locations throughout Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga, Napier and Christchurch. The only NZ Chinese Media on board all airlines between China and NZ
Digital Website –英文先驱报中文网)
Providing Chinese New Zealander the breadth of credible news coverage that they care about and creating value in the NZ market. Servicing up-to-date, high quality and informative content.
Wechat  –  Chinese Social Media
The most powerful and popular social media in Chinese community with 650 million active users globally. Chinese Herald Wechat page has more than 40K+ NZ followers. Followers will receive push notifications when there’s a new post.



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