Best Ugly Bagels


Al Brown’s Best Ugly Bagels have landed in Newmarket. Open 7 days, their hand-rolled, wood-fired Montreal-style bagels are baked on site in their 13 ton custom- made stone oven.
Dine in or takeaway, from 7am, their spread (think clover honey, cream cheese & jam, or PB & J) or filled (tomato & avocado, classic salmon, or house pastrami) bagels, with kick-arse Havana coffee or an artisan cold beverage.
Six-packs are available to take home, along with deli cabinet specials like salmon lox, house habanero mustard, or Best Ugly chocolate hazelnut spread.
Crispy on the outside, yet chewy on the inner, Best Ugly bagels are like no other bagel you’ve eaten before. Drop in and enjoy the show!



3A York St


09 529 5993

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