AUT Students Selfridges Experience

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

The winners of the Newmarket/AUTWindow Display competition,  which involved designing store window displays in select storefronts around Newmarket, Ashleigh Burrell and Grayson Ibell were offered a trip to London and a two week long internship at world-renowned department store, Selfridges, known for its highly thought out and visual window displays.

Throughout the course of their internship, Ashleigh and Grayson are keeping us updated with blog posts and pictures from their time at Selfridges.

Ashleigh Burrell:

"So far our first few days in London have been incredible. In the months building up to this amazing experience it's greater than we could have hoped for. 

We have been lucky enough to experience behind the scenes of one of the largest department stores in the world, including getting exclusive previews of the new accessories hall that will be open later in the year as well as upcoming projects yet to be released to the public. 

As working as part of the visual merchandise and creative presentation teams we have been experiencing the famous Christmas windows and fluent themes throughout the store that is incredibly different from any retail store in New Zealand. There is definitely a noticeable difference between the attention to detail and level of perfection between Selfridges which we have been able to be a part of achieving. 

The window and sites throughout the store have already set the way for Christmas this year, leading the trends in retail which we have been able to be a part of and have already learnt so much to bring home with us. 

The visual merchandising in store is constantly changing and we have been able to put our theory we have learnt from the last three years into the finishing touches of site displays and mannequins throughout the womenswear, menswear and the body studio departments."