Allium Celebrates 20 Years

Having recently celebrated their 20th year in business, Allium is best known for their innovative and inspiring interior selection. Co-founder and Creative Director Jo Burrell and Interior Designer Annabel Fraser share their journey and let us in on some interior styling trends and tips.


Congratulations on Allium’s 20th birthday. Can you tell us a bit about how Allium came to be?

We have always been huge fans of Designers Guild fabrics & wallpapers, and when we were approached to open a concept store in Auckland, we leapt at the chance! With backgrounds in interior design this was the perfect way for us to work with clients, but also to showcase beautiful homewares and gifts. We had a fabulous time setting up the shop with the UK brand manager from Designers Guild, which remains our favourite brand 20 years on!

What made you choose Newmarket to set up shop?

Newmarket is so central and has a great vibe that can’t be matched anywhere else, it is where all the best shops set up.

Is there a story behind the name Allium?

Tricia Guild of Designers Guild uses the Allium flower in many of her floral arrangements throughout her collections which we loved. We thought if we didn’t succeed in homewares we could change to selling produce, as Allium is the Latin name for the garlic and onion flower.

Along with Designers Guild, Allium stocks an impressive range of international and local designer brands. What is the process behind acquiring stock from some of your more exclusive, luxury brands?

We browse online, in magazines and we travel internationally to gift fairs and showrooms to source and find exciting new collections.

What are the golden rules that you stick to when giving interior styling advise?

Buy things that you love, not necessarily what is trending. If you find something that makes your heart sing, you should have it!

Favourite Newmarket coffee spots?

Teed Street Larder is our everyday takeaway coffee spot. If we have a bit more time, we will head to The Candy Shop for a sit-down coffee and a delicious lunch!

What are some key homeware and interior design trends currently?

Moody colours for winter with lots of textures and layering. We are all about maximalism, more is more!

What has been your best homeware investment?

A plush, velvet sofa that with a change of a couple of cushions or a throw creates a whole new look.

Having been involved in the interior design industry for a large part of your careers, how have you seen the styles and trends evolve?

It’s amazing to see that all trends reappear even after you think they are long gone! When we started out 20 years ago, wallpaper was a huge trend which disappeared for a while but now we have been seeing a huge resurgence again. It helps that the wallpapers today are much easier to hang and remove and with developments in digital printing the designs are like works of art.

What is next for Allium Interiors?

We were very excited for our next buying trip to Paris, however that’s on the backburner now! So now we are looking forward to supporting local with New Zealand made furniture and trying to find some exciting new local designers to stock in-store.

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