A Day in the Life of Woohyung Lee from Camper Coffee

The very definition of a hole in the wall, Camper Coffee is arguably one of Newmarket’s most well-known coffee pit stops. Popular with locals who want to grab a flat white to go and those who need fuel in between shopping the boutiques in Osborne Lane, Camper Coffee and Lee have cemented themselves as an integral part of Newmarket’s café scene. Lee was named New Zealand’s AeroPress Champion in 2017, so we caught up with the coffee connoisseur to find out how he remains at the top of his game.


The day starts. It’s important not to wake my 4-year-old daughter who sleeps with me as I get up to catch my ride to Newmarket.

I listen to some jazz music as I head into work.

I open up Camper Coffee, turn the music on ( jazz of course), and set the grinder to make sure the coffee is good enough to serve to customers.

I begin to serve customers and when there is a quiet moment I have the Choc Chia from The Candy Shop for my breakfast, my new favourite

Busiest time of the day, no slacking here.

Most people would have had their coffee fix by now and things slow down. I get to have some lunch, usually the lamb meatball spaghetti from The Candy Shop while enjoying a Tintin book.


Another coffee rush.

Time to clean up and cash up for the day.

Sometimes I get to have chicken and beer before roasting some coffee.

Around 4pm, you will usually find me next to a small batch roast, roasting more coffee for the coming days.

Home time! I catch my bus back to Takapuna.

Dinner time with the family. My wife Jamie cooks nice authentic Korean meals.

I get to read some books, draw pictures and play with my daughters.

Our whole family is in bed – Jamie with Roeun, our second child, and myself with Joy. There are always bed time stories for Joy.

Osborne Lane

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