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A day in the life of Woody Norbert Munns, Manager at QB Studios

Qb Studios has been setting the bar high with its stylish brand of curated workspaces. Blending independent office suites, with art and hospitality, their new location on Morgan Street feels fresh, creative and welcoming. We caught up with Woody Norbert Munns, Qb’s Auckland Manager to hear about a day in the life of the Curator-in-Chief.


We have a new alarm clock at home in the shape of my newborn daughter. She decides what time I wake up these days. I enjoy the simple intimacy of morning routines. I make breakfast for my wife, and if I am lucky, take my daughter for a quiet walk before driving to work.


Qb Newmarket is my first stop and I always start with an espresso from the guys at Mutual Friends – our on-site café. I usually have a long to-do list, but before getting started I try to take stock of the atmosphere in the space before diving into whatever I need to do. It’s always different – sometimes a busy hustle and bustle with people coming and going – coffee, meetings and conversations. Other times there is a low hum of concentration and quiet work.

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After that I’ll check through the different Qb locations – Newmarket, Ponsonby and Herne Bay – to make sure that everything is in place and working as it should be. Little tweaks – the bread and butter – open the terrace doors, check the internet speeds. Make sure the meeting rooms and lounges are clean and welcoming.


Usually I have morning meetings with the other directors to go through the agenda for the day and discuss longer term plans. If they aren’t up in Auckland we’ll have a conference call.


I like to catch up with one of the members for a morning coffee. We have a really diverse mix of people and businesses in Qb, and it’s fascinating to be able to hear what’s going on in their worlds and get different perspectives on business life in the city. I enjoy keeping up with what each company is doing so we can anticipate what they might need in the future. If I can, I try to make connections and put people and ideas together. I find that very satisfying.

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My days are predictably unpredictable and what I started out planning to do is usually a small part of what I end up doing. Fluid, sometimes chaotic and always surprising – a nice mix of spontaneous and planned.


A quick lunch, usually in Newmarket – maybe Kingdom Sushi or tapas at Tasca Cafe.

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Afternoons are the best time to catch up on my computer work. I’ll follow up on enquiries, get up to date with emails, invoicing and other administration.


The most appreciated part of my work is making sure that the fridges are stocked with cold beer for the members at the end of the day!


There is no shortage of novelty at home at the moment, so I make sure that I get back in time for my daughters bath. After that I’ll have dinner with my wife and we catch up on each other’s stories from the day – usually over a glass of wine.


Time for bed!

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