A day in the life of Tara Kim, Director of OLIVIA


My morning consists of checking emails and quickly grabbing some overnight oats for a convenient breakfast before getting my kids ready for school.


My husband prepares a coffee for me and I head to City Fitness. I love working out in the morning with my personal trainer Raz, he kills me with a hardcore workout every time but it’s always worth it and warms me up for the day ahead.

Screen Shot 2020 11 23 At 2.59.32 Pm9:30AM

I arrive at our OLIVIA store in Westfield Newmarket to check in with our store manager about weekly sales, looking over displays and ensuring everything is operating as planned.


I often meet up with our marketing team and graphic designer to discuss sales reports, plan marketing activity and design promotional content. A coffee break at L’affare or The Candy Shop is essential during our morning meetings!


I spend the afternoon working on designs for the new collections at home, checking fabric swatches and design samples with my designers in Korea. We are currently working on the Summer collection and it is so exciting to see my visions come to life!

Screen Shot 2020 11 23 At 2.59.18 Pm3PM

I take a short break from work to pick my son and daughter up from school.

4 PM

Time for dinner prep! I really enjoy cooking at home as it’s a nice way to relax and unwind from my busy day, plus it’s much healthier as I am able to control what I put in our meals.

Screen Shot 2020 11 23 At 2.59.23 Pm


One of my favourite parts of the day is to sit down with my family to enjoy dinner together – I love listening to my kids talk about their day at school.


After the kids have gone to bed, it’s time for a shower followed by my skincare routine. I’ve been trying out lots of different skincare products to introduce to OLIVIA’s beauty line, making sure I have tested each new product for several weeks before I bring it in store. I pop back to my desk to finish off the last bits of work and planning out the next day of work. !en, it’s time for bed!

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