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A day in the life of &Sushi’s Jeff Kim

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When Jeff Kim opened &Sushi on Newmarket’s Teed St in October 2015, it wasn’t ‘just another sushi shop’ - he took Auckland’s sushi offering and turned it on it’s head, starting a revolution. The light, airy and Scandinavian inspired eatery serves beautiful, artistic sushi and salads which are some of the most frequently grammed food photos in Auckland. The Teed Street eatery’s huge success has allowed the team to open a second establishment in City Works Depot. We caught up with Jeff to get the inside scoop on 24 hours in his world.

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The alarm goes off. To begin the day, I either meditate for 10 minutes or go for a 20-30min morning walk.


As my wife gets ready for work, I cook breakfast for the family and pack lunch for my two children.


Drop my daughter off to school and my son to Kindy.

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I pick up my morning coffee at The Candyshop, check my emails, then have meetings with my managers and head chef. By then I'll have a series of to-do lists, &SUSHI shopping lists, and would be running between both stores and our storage space, making sure they're stocked up and everything's running smoothly.


I'll be rostered on at either Newmarket or City Works Depot for the lunch shift. I love being on the floor serving customers, this I want to do as much as I can. It is also the time to take snaps for Instagram.

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My emails, texts and missed calls are screaming at me to be cleared and answered. I do so, take a peek at our Instagram feed, and many times, have to pick my kids up after school.


The store closes and it is home time, back to the family.

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Dinner time. I really enjoy my wife's Korean food, something I would like to share with a lot of my friends. After dinner, my time is spent with the kids and my evening is filled with a lot of screams and chasing around.


Bathe kids and take them to bed.


If I'm still awake - a glass of wine with my wife and check my emails again. Otherwise, I'll be found passed out in bed with my kids. Zzz

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