A Day in the Life of Superette Buyer, Josie Wiley

Superette is one of New Zealand’s leading fashion destinations, Newmarket being home to two of their boutiques; Superette and Superette International. We caught up with Buyer Josie Wiley to get the low-down on a typical day in her shoes…


My alarm goes off and I generally hit snooze a couple of times before feeling ready to tackle the day. I do a quick scroll through my favourite apps – emails, weather, Instagram, Astrology Zone (seriously, so accurate), online orders and an iCal check for a quick refresher what’s on today’s agenda.


I use the weather to determine my outfit for the day, I am a real weather girl at heart. Tailored trousers, a crisp tee, and blazer are my go-to, but I also can’t go past a good pair of denim. I can’t leave home without taking the Mother Made Energy and Brain mushroom capsules for a boost – I’ll have these with a bowl of homemade muesli and oat milk.


Every day is different which is why I love what I do. I am very grateful to be with a business that encourages growth, to be constantly evolving and taking risks. My days will either start with store visits or our company trade meeting, sharing newness with our incredible store managers, or catching up with our digital, ecommerce and planning teams to discuss looks and general stock related conversations. I’ll then get stuck in replying to my emails that popped up overnight from our amazing international brands and suppliers.


Coffee time! We are so lucky to have a gem of a coffee shop around the corner from the office for a takeaway cuppa – they also have the best selection of treats, I am yet to give in to temptation but the day is coming, I can feel it!


Some might find it surprising that a large part of my role is actually reporting. It’s not all travel and viewing beautiful ranges. It’s imperative to understand sales and store data, what’s working and what’s not. This will fill my morning. I will also pop into our beautiful Superette International store in Newmarket – it’s such a peaceful and calming space, I love seeing the team and taking them through new brands and products that are arriving daily. So many amazing new International brands are coming! Watch this space.


I am currently buying for Spring/Summer 2022 which delivers in the first quarter
of next year. This could easily take up my day alone, so I have got pretty savvy at my time management over the years.


Lunch time! I love sushi or salad. I’ll also pop downstairs to our Takapuna store to see the team and try on the latest arrivals. Can’t go past a fitting room selfie!


I generally try to schedule my showings in the afternoon. This involves selecting and curating seasonal buys, and making sure those selections create a fluid story that tie in with our other selects. A bit
of travel is involved to view new ranges, to discuss current sell through and to maintain and nurture supplier and brand relationships. I am definitely missing our Sydney trips that we would do most months, for now Zoom will have to do! If my viewings are local I will aim to do these back to back and these will take me to the end of the day. It’s always a busy one! I will wear a trainer or mule most days if I am running around.


Here I aim to make time for the creative part of my role such as trend forecasting and hunting for new brands for our Superette and Superette International stores. I love keeping up to date with trends and movements around the globe, street style and checking in with what our International brands are doing. There used to be a delay in trends hitting our shores from the Northern hemisphere, however we ensure to bring these en-season trends to our customers in the moment. No delays here! I usually pop my headphones in and turn up the music to get in the creative head space.


Clock off! Wrapped up emails and without fail I’ll call my sisters on my drive home, we talk most days for a catch up. I head home for a run around the burbs to runoff any extra energy if I have been sitting at my desk most of the day. I am always grateful to come home to dinner being cooked by my husband, he’s definitely the chef in our household. Here we debrief
on each others day, discuss life outside of work and wind down with a glass of wine. I try not to watch TV in the evenings as I find this keeps my mind too stimulated before bed, so I am currently reading ‘Breathe’ by James Nester. Fascinating!


Bed time! I take the Mother Made PM Powder to help me get a restful night sleep so I am ready for another day.

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