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A Day in the Life of Simon James’ Phoebe Holden

Phoebe Holden is the Digital Marketing Manager and Content Creator at Simon James, located on Osborne Lane. We caught up with Phoebe to chat about all the things she gets up to during her work day!



I’m a night owl so mornings are slow for me. I wake up and put a podcast episode on. I make a cup of tea then get back into bed. I go through my emails then make a detailed list of everything I need to do that day. I stay in bed for as long as I can then about fifteen minutes before I need to leave the house I get dressed, brush my teeth and run out the door.


My walk to work takes about half an hour. I love it because I’m a very lazy person who hasn’t exercised since P.E class in 2008 – this forces me to get some endorphins and move my body.


Sjn 2 Copy


Our office is part of the Simon James furniture and lighting showroom, it’s very easy to be distracted by all the amazing pieces on my way in – it’s the most beautiful space I have ever worked in, I feel very lucky. I have another cup of tea and transfer my checklist from my phone to my computer task sheet.


My day varies hugely. I might be in the office all day scheduling social media and grading imagery for the website, or I might be in the store taking photos. Recently I spent some time with Simon out at the SJ furniture factory learning about the journey of our products. This is only a half hour drive from the office so everything is really local. Some of our pieces will support over 90 New Zealand owned companies in the production process. This is a hugely exciting side of the company for me as I learn so much in the process and get to branch out of fashion for the first time.

Simon On Furniture Shoot


Lunch! My favourite Newmarket lunch spot would be Best Ugly Bagels (I get the Yodi AND the T.A.B) and Duck Island afterwards.


Our team is really collaborative which I love, everyone is very supportive of one another. I might be sitting down with Scott and Nina of Resident to discuss upcoming product releases or with Georgina of the Concept Store and Jessica McCormack covering matters of great importance, such as upcoming fashion collections plus events or GOOP and the aioli from Little Bird Organics…

Jm Diamons Drawing


Home time! (Home = Hoppers Garden Bar) I catch up with friends over a rosé and truffle fries then make my way back home. I hang out in front of the fire with my flatties and usually do a bit more work, or surf my archive of VOGUE magazines or the web for shoot and content inspiration. I usually fall asleep in our big arm chair and my best friend/flatmate Ollie wakes me up and sends me up to my room.

Phoebe 2


Good night!

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