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A day in the life of Rebe Burgess - Buyer & Social Media Manager at MUSE

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MUSE have cemented themselves as one of Newmarket's top high-end fashion destinations and we caught up with Buyer and Social Media Manager Rebe Burgess to get the low-down on what she gets up to on a day to day basis...


I‘m a morning person - I get up at 6.00am most workdays and go to Pilates or for a run! Followed by a smoothie and then get ready for the day ahead.

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Coffee! My favourite morning coffee spot is Altezano in Newmarket (the savoury brioche there is so hard to turn down) I get it to takeaway then I head in to MUSE. I catch up with the gorgeous MUSE team over coffee before opening up the store. I am obsessed with our beautiful work family.


I usually have a quick debrief with Milly, our Operations Manager about any stock or buying related admin, and then Sophie, our Digital Co-ordinator which usually involves organising our e-commerce shoots, website, social media and any other content we need for the day or week ahead.

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I start to tackle my mountain of emails and any other urgent buying issues that need to be addressed. We have just finished ordering for Spring/Summer 2020, for February deliveries and now I am urgently scheduling appointments for my next buying trip to Paris in January for Pre-Fall 2020.

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I get underway with our social media posting – styling and trying on fresh new product that we have received in-store. We like to get everything up on our Instagram page as soon as possible, this is the best way for our customers to see the new pieces that have arrived.


Lunch. My favourite Newmarket spots include The Candy Shop, &Sushi, L’affare, and the $11 panini and side salad at Bambina. Followed by an iced maple latte from Best Ugly Bagels (if you haven’t, try it with soy milk! It’s so good).

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I like to spend my afternoons on the shop floor, the best part of the job is seeing and styling all our beautiful clients.


Clock off! Head home, have dinner with the boyfriend. Often after dinner is when I dedicate time to work on my footwear & accessory label Rebe, followed by a shower, tea and watching something in bed.


Night! x

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