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A day in the life of NZ Kayaker and Under Armour athlete Lisa Carrington

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New Zealand Kayaker and Olympic medalist Lisa Carrington shares a day in her life, from early morning water trainings to her favourite Netflix show.


Wake up, take down my heart rate and begin my morning routine; meditate, stretch, journal, and make a delicious coffee (either a long black with a touch of cream, or a flat white) to get ready for the day.

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I get on the water at Lake Pupuke to begin my morning training. First training of the day! Training in the morning whilst the water is calm is super important with my schedule as Auckland’s weather is often unpredictable.


Once I have finished paddling I will often go to my local coffee shop and have a breakfast meeting with my coach Gordy or one of my support team. My go to breakfast is either a breakfast bagel or mince on toast.



It is important to mix up my training off the water, so I head to the gym three times per week. To get me in the zone to lift weights, I plug in my favourite playlist - I’m loving listening to L.A.B currently.


Lunch time! Whether I am on the go or at home, I always make sure I’m able to refuel. If it’s a big training week I’ll use this time to relax or head to Under Armour Newmarket to check out the latest gear.



I often take a visit to the physio in the afternoon as they help keep my body in good condition, so I can continue to get out and work the best I can every day. Recovery is just as important as training!


I am back on the water for another paddle. Often in the afternoon the wind can get up in Auckland, so my training location depends on what the wind is doing.

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Home to prepare dinner - I enjoy trying out new recipes as often as I can. During the evening I like to chill and hangout with my partner, Bucky. We usually watch a little bit of TV; our favourite show at the moment is The Last Dance on Netflix, but we also love watching Country Calendar on a Sunday night! I will also get on my yoga mat and stretch a few times per week.


If I am organised, I can get myself into bed at 9pm to read my latest book (I am Pilgram by Terry Hayes) before going to sleep. | @underarmour | @lisacarrington