A day in the life of Mortimer Hirst optometrist Wendy Hill

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I like to start my day with a hot beverage from Bambina - it really gets me going..


I see my frst patient of the day.. Often this is an urgent case,, which can be anything from an eye infection or foreign body removal,, to a retinal detachment or ocular trauma.

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I continue seeing patients.. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is fitting a client with new contact lenses, having worn spectacles since I was nine years old, I can truly appreciate the freedom contact lenses offer for some of our daily activities.


Lunch time! I usually grab some sushi from &sushi, or a zesty Thai chicken from Otto Woo.

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Back to work! This could include a consultation about short sightedness, in which we are fortunate enough to have highly specialised equipment which allows us to manage and treat each patient’s condition.  


I like to take a walk, and have a wonder around the Poi Room when I get a chance, as it is one of my favourite places to explore, it always has new treasures! 

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I see my last few patients for the day. Another common consultation is a   regular eye examination and ocular health check. After the age of forty, most people start to find close work, more challenging, therefore I often need to prescribe contact lenses or spectacles. 


I catch up on paperwork and referrals, then home time. I often catch up with friends or colleagues at the Candy Shop or Something and Social. We are fortunate at Mortimer Hirst to have a great team who enjoy not only working together, but socializing after work too, over a wine or a meal.  


2A Gillies Avenue

09 520 1000