A Day in the Life of Lush Buyer Elisia Gray

Lush Buyer Elisia Gray shares a day in her life, from early morning meetings to supplier visits.


I work at the Lush Cosmetics manufacturing site (located in Sydney) so I am usually up before 5am. Before I head out the door, I always give my cat Chippy some snuggle time and let him play with the Lush packaging I have lying around the house.


Every morning we have a production meeting before the factory goes into full throttle, where I let the team know about any material shortages or exciting new supplies. I let everyone know that we have some cherry juice from Eden Orchards due to arrive in our factory today to trial in a new product.

Eden (1)


As a buyer, research plays a big part of my job and it’s important that I find suppliers with similar values to that of Lush’s. We are launching a new haircare range in the near future, so part of my role is to source ingredients such as okra, stout beer and sweet potato from a few potential suppliers.


Working in an industrial area means there are limited food options, so when we hear the horn of the coffee van turn up, there is no way we are missing out! I order an extra, extra hot skim flat white.


Floral By Nature2 (1)

Floral By Nature1 (1)


I find that I am more productive in the mornings, so anything challenging tends to be ticked off earlier in my day, leaving longer project–based tasks to the afternoon. I collate literature and images from a recent supplier visit in the Blue Mountains, Floral By Nature, who are passionate about the slow flower movement which focuses on purchasing what is local and in season. I always like to put a face to any new supplier and learn about their business with an onsite visit.


I clock off and head to my Muay Thai training session. I recently checked in with my trainer to see if I was his worst client, but he reassured me that I was only the second worst one!

Elisia Gray Event (1)


Home time! My partner and I take turns at cooking dinner throughout the week, or we will head down to the beach for a stroll and fish and chips when neither of us feel like cooking.


I fall asleep in the lounge and my partner shuffles me into the bathroom to brush my teeth before I flop straight to sleep!

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