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A day in the life of Liam Bowden - Creative Director of Deadly Ponies

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Founded in 2005, Deadly Ponies is a New Zealand based, internationally renowned, leather accessories brand that challenges traditional notions of design. We caught up with Creative Director, Liam Bowden to find out more about his daily routine...


I wake. I like my sleep so try to get as much as possible as my mind is constantly whirling. I then check my diary to see the plan for the day and check emails. I make myself and my partner a cooked breakfast most mornings. Our go-to meal is spinach and scrambled eggs.


I hit the gym with either my trainer or a class to get energised for the day ahead.

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I arrive at work and start working through emails before heading into meetings for the morning. We have a few projects on the go at the moment so my morning meetings tend to be a lot more operational/admin heavy.


Lunch time. We are lucky to have an amazing cafe right behind our head office so I go there for a quick bite and catch up with friends. It’s very important for me to have that midday break to refresh my mind, especially when my afternoons are design-led.

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I start the afternoon with design meetings, going over new season colours and shapes and planning imagery we need for the coming months via our mood board. It's the heart of everything we do.


By the afternoon, leather samples arrive from our overseas suppliers, so I spend time with the design and production team checking colour tests. We start talking about new finishes we have developed and problem-solving any potential issues.


I generally try and plan any off-site meetings in the late afternoon and if I’m near a store I will pop in and see how the team are doing. Our Newmarket store was the second store we opened, back in 2015. I still love the Brancusi- inspired “life-sized jewellery box” interior. We are currently launching Spring so we’re making the final touches on our visual displays and merchandising.

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I wrap up for the day and head home. I usually like to stay in Monday-Thursday or have dinner with family or friends. I have just bought an Xbox so might play an hour of that to unwind. All my friends are shocked as I have never been a gamer, but it is very addictive!


I usually spend a couple of nights a week working through my email backlog, then dinner which is a mix of takeaway and home cooking.


I start to wind down and prepare for bed. I always read before bed however I only get through three pages before I am out to it and start dreaming of a tropical island escape. Right now, I’m reading All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.

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