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A Day in the Life of Les Mills Fitness Instructor – Otto Prodan

Otto Prodan, Personal trainer and group fitness instructor at Les Mills Newmarket, shared what he gets up to in a day –  in and out of the gym.


I wake up to check my emails and social media in bed for around 15 minutes. I make a black coffee and pack my gym gear, along with my breakfast, lunch and snacks that were prepared the day before. I leave the house and drive to Les Mills Newmarket by 7:30am.


I start taking my personal training clients through their workouts.


This is my time to go through admin, which can include preparing choreography and playlists for classes, checking clients’ progress and programmes, as well as checking for any invoices that are due.

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I teach one of the many group fitness classes, either LES MILLS GRIT®, CXWORX®, THE TRIP® or Les Mills BODYSTEP®. I always make sure I stretch for 20-30 minutes in between or after classes, as the best time to stretch is when the body is warm. I use this stretching time to relax, and reset my mind and body for the remainder of the day.


I train more of my clients, using my spare time in between sessions to have a snack or a coffee to refuel. When I have time to spare, I will use it to fit in my own circuit training style workout for 45-60 minutes. Seeing my clients working hard in the gym gives me motivation to put the same amount of effort into my own training, and make it a priority in my daily schedule.

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I teach another set of LES MILLS classes, these being my favourite as I have the most energy in the evenings, and the members are ready to have a good time after a long day at work. I always like to remind my class participants to take time after the classes to stretch and take a few minutes to appreciate all the positive things they have accomplished for the day.


Home time. I am a lazy cook, so I quite often have a microwave meal which I have prepared earlier, or when I do have to cook, it won’t ever take me longer than 30 minutes.

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I will take my pug, Linda, for a brief 15 minute walk. This is my favourite time of the day, as it gives me a chance to relax and explore the city.


I go to bed and watch reality TV until I feel tired, all while my pug tries to sneak into my bed instead of hers – a constant battle every night!



269 Khyber Pass Road

09 367 2300


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