A Day in the Life of Jazmin Tohaia - Retail Liason Manager of taylor boutique

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My alarm goes off. The first thing I do in bed is check my emails and social media, then it’s time to pack my gym bag and head downstairs for breakfast and coffee.

I head to The Olympic Pools & Fitness Centre for a 30 min swim and a sauna... absolutely the best way to start the day!

I get dressed in my incredible taylor pieces for the day and spend a bit of time doing my makeup and styling my hair to create an inspiring head-to-toe look.  On a Thursday morning I head to HQ for our weekly management meeting and catch up with the team! It’s always so great hearing about everyone’s week and sharing styling ideas, we’re a pretty creative bunch so there’s rarely a dull moment!

I grab a coffee from Teed Street Larder (I also can't resist their banana, maple and cinnamon smoothies and energy bars... so yum!)

I get to spend time with our amazing clients, styling up a storm to make them look and feel fabulous. During the day I really love checking in wth all the other stores to see how everyone’s going. It’s always super fun dressing mannequins or doing a store-merchandising refresh.  I love playing with all the amazing new arrivals each week and getting seriously tempted.

I love how passionate Vicki is about design, the business and everything she does.  She thinks of everything!  Each and every detail is considered and I love that the range is built to cater to all sorts of women.

I’ve  always loved fashion and I’m such a chatterbox that I love meeting and getting to know people from all over the place.  Working in Newmarket you get to meet such a variety of people – it’s a really diverse group.

On my break I love popping in to all the stores around Newmarket and often pick up a few goodies (I’m a bit of a shopaholic and can’t resist beautiful design!). I also love hitting all the amazing eateries in Newmarket  - a few of my favourites are &Sushi, Cali in Nuffield Street (they do great coffee) and Teed Street Larder.

After work I meet up with my partner and hit the gym. Wednesday night is dance class, I used to teach dance so after a little break it’s been fun getting back into classes.

I’m a big reader so during the week you’ll
find me delving into a business book or a little bit of Malcolm Gladwell. On the weekends it’s out to dinner or the movies with my partner and friends.



1 Teed Street


09 524 3662