A Day in the Life of James and Dylan from Mood.

The alarm goes off and the day has begun. We get prepped for the day and head to the factory in Onehunga where we open up the doors and set up the machines for the team.

We arrive in Newmarket to prep and open the Mood Store for the day to begin. The day usually includes emails; processing online orders; kitchen consultations; helping walk-in clients; meetings with sales representatives and finally, kitchen and furniture designing.

Place a coffee order from Coffix on Khyber Pass Road to pick up the morning coffees for the team.

Get ready for a kitchen consultation with one of our customers, and following up with all the emails that have recently been sent out.


This is the busiest time of the day. Walk-ins are at their peak, most of our attention is on in-store customers and any questions they might have.

Lunch time, where the team votes on a desirable place to eat which usually consists of either Archies or Burger Burger.

Usually we’re off to do a site measure up; meeting with a sales representative; or designing furniture and kitchens. In some instances all three!

Doors are usually meant to close at this hour, and the register should be closed and tidied up. However, due to large amounts of work still left to be done, we usually stay open to around 6pm until all work has been finished.


The day has finished and it’s a short drive home through Auckland traffic.

Dinner – usually with the phone and scrolling through Instagram for the latest trends for inspiration.

Sleep, but not without the TV on playing Netflix (James is currently addicted to The Good Wife).

88 Broadway

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