A Day in the Life of Carly Chan Andreassend of Zoe & Morgan

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I like to arrive at our Newmarket store early so I can have my breakfast before we open at 9.30am. Breakfast is usually bircher muesli and fresh fruit I’ve prepped the night before. I adore Steph and Charlee who work in the Newmarket store with me. We chat over our morning coffee then get ready for the day.


A stickler for lists, I plan my week based on what we have coming up in the Zoe & Morgan calendar. I’m lucky as my role is quite varied so it means each day brings something new - I manage our website, plus take our still life photos. I’ve recently taken on our graphic design too, I love the creative elements of my role. A typical week involves a Zoom catch up with our agency, digital and brand managers, product photography, updating our website, or uploading new pieces to our online store.


This morning I’m taking photos for one of our campaigns. Think pastel pink, beautiful flowers and shadows. We’ll use these images for our newsletters and social media posts. For each new season or a campaign shoot, I’ll create a moodboard and source or even make some props.


I’m one of ‘those people’ who like to meal prep. At the moment I’ve been making udon noodle salads with plenty of fresh veggies and tomatoes from my garden. We sit and have lunch together so it’s almost like going for lunch with my girlfriends!

1:30 PM

After lunch I spend the afternoon editing photos or freshening up the website. There is always something to do on the website, whether it’s loading new One of a Kind pieces, merchandising or creating a new journal post! I’ll also jump up and help the girls to serve in the store when we’re busy. A pick-me-up afternoon Matcha Latte from The Candy Shop is a must.

5:30 PM

I live near the beach and a few parks so there are plenty of places to go for a walk after work. My partner Michael and I catch up on our day and enjoy being outside. Dinner is something quick and easy like a frittata or pasta with salad and a cheeky gin and tonic. I organise my meals for the next day and I check the weather to plan my outfit the night before. In summer, I also check if it’s high tide so I can go for an evening swim after work!


The usual evening routine is a shower followed by a facemask and I do love watching a good documentary. Lights are out around 10pm so I can wake up fresh for the next day.