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A day in the life of Auckland MINI Garage's Dan Smith

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Assistant Sales Manager at Auckland MINI Garage, Dan Smith, shares what a day in his life looks like; from early morning gym sessions to selling client's their dream MINI.



My alarm goes off and it’s time to begin my day. I prepare my lunch and I’m out the door by 5.50am. I jump in my MINI Countryman John Cooper Works and arrive at my local F45 Studio in Newmarket - the best way to start my day.

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Arrive at work (always early due to my gym schedule) but this works out quite well as I have time for a video call with my family back in the UK.


Work mode, glasses on, breakfast smoothie in hand and I’m ready to start sifting through emails!


Those that know me will tell you I’m a bit of a neat freak, so I always like to ensure the showroom is looking its best! You know what they say, “straight lines sell cars”! In general, my work day is ever- changing, thanks to customers visiting the dealership or scheduled deliveries.

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This is typically our first slot for a new car delivery and we get to welcome a client into the MINI Family - we try to make the handover special by having it presented in our delivery bay with a personal touch.


Quick stop for lunch to indulge in my salad!


Today a client arrived for her appointment to look at and test drive one of our most popular models – The MINI Countryman. A successful visit concludes with a purchase, and my 17th MINI sale of the month!

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A sneaky trip out to Nadu in Newmarket for a hot chocolate and sugar hit!


Off home I go...


Dinner time. If I could eat pasta every day without gaining weight, I would! It’s my favourite meal and I love to cook. Once a week I allow myself a delicious home cooked pasta. Indulging in my favourite Chardonnay with some music playing in the background whilst I prepare.

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TV before bed to catch up on my shows and of course a row (...or five) of chocolate. Hey, I’m only human...


My gym bag is packed for the next morning followed by a nice warm shower.


Mobile on to silent, relaxing music on and lights out for bed!


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