A Day in the Life of Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq's Venue Manager Jay Taylor

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Running a circus themed bar is no easy task, but one that Jay Taylor does oh so well. We caught up with him to see how he spends a day in his life.


I am woken to the sound of my partner's voice telling our cats, O’Malley and O’Reily, that their breakfast is ready, followed by the grinding of the coffee machine.


I listen to something political on my way to work as I’m always keen to hear what has been happening on the foreign affairs front. Working in an international hospitality-driven entertainment business, I tend to have more emails in the evening, so I also use this time to clear my inbox before arriving at work.


Before running away with the circus, I grab a coffee from our neighbours L’Americano Espresso Bar. I start the day by checking in on our whānau in each area of the venue that bring this action packed circus themed bar to life.


I will often have a Google hangout meeting with colleagues from different departments in our Funlab Support Office, discussing a range of reports, new marketing initiatives, and many other matters which allow us to keep the wheels turning at Archie’s.


Check in and get involved with our ‘motherfunners’ - the staff who deliver the experience to our guests. This is my opportunity to unleash my inner child, have some fun and have a race on the Dodgems or play some Mario Kart.


After an action packed day I either go to the gym or head home to study te reo Māori – both of these hobbies give me a bit of a refresh after a long day at work.


With the busy lifestyles that my partner and I live, we rely on food bags to deliver the goods for dinner. I’m always eager to watch some Netflix on the couch with the cats after dinner – we are currently watching The Crown.


I check my diary for the next day so I know what’s happening, and then the lights are out.

Westfield Newmarket | @archiebrothersce