A Day in the Life of Alisha from Nuffield Street Cafe, Bar & Bistro

Winner of the Young Business Person of the Year at the 2018 Newmarket Business Awards, Alisha Tomlinson gives us an insight into her busy day running the popular Nuffield Street Café, Bar & Bistro…

My alarm tells me to wake up. I wish I could go to the gym, but this morning it’s just a shower and a mocha to get going.

Start responding to the unread emails. These include booking requests and catering orders (as well as my sister asking me out for lunch… I wish!)

Open the doors at Nuffield Street Café, Bar & Bistro. Alongside my amazing staff, we get the tables set out for the day and make our second coffees.

Get back to emails. I start to put together bespoke catering menus for different functions and schedule in the booking requests. I take 5 minutes and have a chat with a customer about her weekend.


Time to jump in the car and deliver some catering! I do enjoy this – it’s like a mini break, driving and listening to the radio.

Upon returning to Nuffield Street, I order some lunch from my kitchen (the Salt & Pepper Squid is my go-to) and confirm my supplier meetings.

Meet with a supplier – today it is to organise the organic fruit and vegetables for the kitchen and fresh juices the bar makes.

I jump behind the bar for a few hours to help my staff out for a bit. I take orders, pour drinks and make coffee. I even clear and wipe the tables!


All of a sudden, the after-work rush starts to come in – so I stick it out at Front of House, helping the team and chatting to customers.

I jump back and forth between my computer (to answer more emails) and the kitchen – there’s a big catering order to go out tomorrow so I have to work with the chefs and have everything perfect before it goes out the door.

I treat myself to a wine, a rosé to be exact, and take a minute to have a laugh and chat with my staff before heading home.

Get home and answer one last email, then… sleep! I need to be ready to do it all again tomorrow.

11a Nuffield Street
09 520 2240

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