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'A Day in the Life' of Katy Miles from Freedom Furniture

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Leading furniture and homewares retailer Freedom has undertaken a massive renovation and upgrade of its 23-year-old anchor store in Auckland’s home styling precinct right here in Newmarket. We caught up with the store manager, Katy Miles to find out how her days run...


Hit 'snooze' three times - always! Then I can bounce out of bed.


I make myself a green smoothie of celery, spinach, ginger, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and cider vinegar, followed by some eggs and avocado with chilli.


I always get ready in a hurry before I zoom to work and fight the traffic from the North Shore. Parking is easiest in Remuera, with a stroll (or fast walk depending on traffic) to the store. It’s a great way to start the day and get a feel for what’s happening in Newmarket. If I have time I’ll pop to Volt for an almond milk flat white.

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I’ll arrive at the store and sit quietly out back, in my office, checking emails and running through what needs to be achieved for the day.


We have a quick team meeting where we go over sales, information around customer queries, product deliveries and any training requirements. Of course, all after the usual banter.


The store opens.


Check truck and daily stock delivery and make a plan for the stock going on the floor and also ensure that customer deliveries are on route to them.

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I do a floor walk daily with the store visual merchandiser to check stock, merchandising, store standards and put our heads together to get more exciting new product out on the floor.


I jump in behind the counter to lend a hand. I love being on the floor serving our awesome customers – I try to do this as much as I can! Seeing first-hand the joy that long time store veterans, like Ken, bring to our customers is an absolute treat too.


I try to find an hour in my office, where I can focus on recruitment, customer follow-ups and team training, rosters and other admin. I grab a quick lunch from the meal prep that I have brought in for the week, of a series of salads or soup, so I don’t snack on too many treats.

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I check online sales and meet with the online team to see how we are tracking and what support they need to ensure that all orders are dispatched for delivery the following day.


I usually work late and by the time I’ve done a quick work-out, I’m ready for dinner. I count my lucky stars that I'm usually wined and dined by my wonderful partner who is an amazing cook. We tend to relax over a glass of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc or an IPA on the hotter days.


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