Jo from Belloro Fine Jewellery

5 minutes with Jo from Belloro Fine Jewellery

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5 minutes with Josephine from Belloro Fine Jewellery

Why do you love working for Belloro Fine Jewellery?
I am extremely passionate about beautiful jewellery

What do you love about working in Newmarket?
It’s the Fashion capital of New Zealand

Pick your favourite item in-store
It’s all stunning, I personally hand pick all the pieces

Favourite place to have lunch?

Why have you opened Belloro Fine Jewellery?
After travelling Europe and discovering beautiful unique quality jewellery never seen before in New Zealand, I decided Newmarket was the perfect place to open Belloro. Belloro means “Beautiful gold”

3 items we'd find in your bag?
La prairie hand cream, Gucci wallet and a Gold mighty purse that charges my mobile phone

Drink of choice?

Its 8pm on a Tuesday night. Where will we find you?
Walking Monty our Bichon Frise on the beach

What was the last thing you bought for Belloro?
A stunning new Nanis collection from Italy in 18ct gold and various gemstones with only one of each piece available this gives our customers the exclusivity they adore

Who has had the greatest influence on your life and why?
My closest friend, as I value her opinion. We travel throughout Europe together on our buying trips.