5 minutes with Lee from Camper Coffee

5 Minutes with Lee from Camper Coffee

Why do you love working for Camper Coffee?

Daily communication with customers

What do you love about working in Newmarket?

The people, the atmosphere and the good vibe

Your favourite coffee?

Filtered coffee and I love the beans roasted from Rocket

Favourite place to get lunch?


How did you come to work for Camper Coffee?

The opportunity came around when Sam from Bump Café decided to sell his business

Name 3 items that we would find in your bag/satchel?

Phone, bag of coffee, iPad

Drink of choice?

Coffee, Single Origin – Kenya

It’s 8pm on a Tuesday night.  Where will we find you and what are you doing?

At home with my daughter Joy

What was the last thing that you bought?

Polar bear hat from Ebbets Field

Who has had the biggest influence on your life?

My parents. Accepting, loving and supportive. Allowing me to go out in the world and pursue my dreams.

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