May 29 2017

Teed Street Upgrade 2017

It’s all go on Teed Street!

The much anticipated upgrade of Teed Street is now underway. As part of the Waitematā Local Board’s Newmarket Laneways Plan the upgrade will greatly improve footpath widths, enable easier pedestrian movement along and across the street. The concrete carriageway, a remnant of the areas light industrial past, is being retained and complemented with new quality paving materials, bespoke street furniture and upgraded lighting. Native evergreen street trees planted within bio-retention tree pits will help significantly improve stormwater quality. The project is in three stages:


From Monday 19th June 2017 the upgrade to the intersection of Teed & Osborne Streets commenced. This work is expected to take approximately four weeks.

This work is made up of two components:

  1. Demolition & Excavation

Demolition of the existing ramps, traffic island and sections of the kerb. This work involves:

  • Concrete cutting and breaking,
  • Excavating (tree pit),
  • Truck movements for removal of materials
  1. Construction

Construction of the new speed table. This work involves:

  • Truck movements for concrete deliveries,
  • Pouring concrete,
  • Laying kerbs,
  • Saw cutting

During the intersection closure, we will continue upgrading underground services and excavating tree pits in other areas of Teed Street.

As construction begins in new areas, we will be closing areas behind us in order to keep available as much on-street parking as possible.


During the closure there will be a detour via Khyber Pass Road for vehicles wanting to enter Teed Street from Broadway.

For vehicles entering Teed Street from Crowhurst Street, a turning bay will be in place before the intersection closure. This will mean approximately ten parks on the northern side of the road will be removed to allow for safe turning.

Entry to the ANZ carpark on Osborne Street will be from Kent Street for the duration of the intersection closure. Temporary traffic management will be in place to provide a priority give way system that utilises the current motorcycle and accessibility parking as a lane. Please see the diagram below.



The foundations of the first two tree pits on Teed Street’s northern side are complete. They have been temporarily covered and are available for on-street parking until final pavement works are completed by our team. 

Construction on the intersection of Teed and Osborne Streets is progressing well. The kerb stones have been laid and the area is currently being prepared for the concrete pour early next week. When the concrete is cured (approx 1 week depending on the weather), the final task before the road is reopened for vehicles is sawcutting a feature design into the surface. We expect this work to take approximately 2 days to complete. 

When the carriageway is reopened for vehicles, there will be some final finishing touches being completed for the footpath’s paving interface around the intersection.  



During excavation some underground volcanic rock has been on discovered Teed Street’s southern side. To eliminate any risk this may pose, it has been decided to prioritise the southern side earlier in project. Construction will continue in a westerly direction from Osborne Street towards Crowhurst Street, completing tree pits and starting footpath reconstruction in front of retail. Next week, it will continue on the next tree pit on the southern side (illustrated below). 

When the southern side is finished, construction will return to the northern side to complete the final tree pit (nearest Osborne Street) and the footpath reconstruction, working in an westerly direction from the Osborne Street intersection to Crowhurst Street.


Watch this space for the next update!

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